Beyond TEDxRVA

By Marc Cheatham and Paul Spicer


When it comes to Richmond, the future isn’t coming; the future is here. All that’s left is how Richmond will define its identity moving forward. Events like TEDxRVA: ARTFUL, which was held this spring, are helping define Richmond for years to come.

TEDxRVA, an independently organized TED event, is now in its fourth year. While this year’s event has passed, its real story begins now. The time, place, and theme of TEDxRVA aren’t what it’s all about. It’s the impact of the people who come together each year to forge the identity of Richmond that moves us forward, together. The lights have dimmed and the speakers of TEDxRVA have moved on to their next venture, and now it’s time for us to follow their lead.

“TEDxRVA is one of the best examples of community making community that we’ll ever experience,” says Andy Stefanovich, TEDxRVA head curator. “Each year there are hundreds of connections made, friendships forged, job opportunities shared, and people building things together. The outcomes go way beyond the day of the event. It’s the process behind TEDxRVA that supersedes the product.”

Through events like TEDxRVA we’re starting to see  a progressive shift led by artists, community leaders, startup owners, and nonprofits. They act on their ideas. And they understand that Richmond’s legacy doesn’t define its future. Now it’s all about how we’re going to set the agenda and tell the story.

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