Distinguishing Richmond

     Moto Richmond, formerly Scoot Richmond, is looking to make an impact. The Manchester based motorcycle dealership recently organized the local Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride (DGR); a worldwide benefit sponsored by Triumph Motorcycles in support of the Movember Foundation. Moto Richmond has been a local organizer for the event since they became a dealership for Triumph 4 years ago, however, it wasn’t until this year that it really made a splash. Coordinated by the sales team of Alex Pagliuca, Clayton England and Perri Young, the trio managed to put together 150+ riders for the day’s events and raised over $8,900 for the cause. A blip on the radar of the 93k riders worldwide raising $4.6M, but regionally beating out most other comparable municipalities and stacking up against major cities in the Southeast.
     The DGR began just 5 years ago with 2,500 riders across the United States and has grown to the behemoth it is in that short period of time. This is in huge thanks to large corporate sponsorship such as Triumph, but it’s truly been on the shoulders of folks like England and Moto Richmond. “It’s great to see the possibilities of scaling niche markets like this in order to see significant impact,” says England.
     According to Moto Richmond owner, Chelsea Lahmers, “Richmond is growing in so many ways, and we’ve been here for 15 years, going strong. We know what it’s like to be a small business and the importance of nurturing community, in and outside of what we do ”. The business is looking to make a name for themselves locally as more than just a dealer of two wheeled vehicles, but an active catalyst for positive change in our city. If recent events are any indication, Moto Richmond is prepared to be a driving force of progress in our little corner of the world.




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James is a sustainable food advocate, a freelance writer, marketing consultant, and regular contributor to Richmond Grid magazine.