Handyma’am Goods Looks Toward Expansion

Local workwear brand, Handyma’am Goods, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to return to production on their flagship garment: The Coverall. Designed specifically for women, Handyma’am has been filling a wide gap in the workwear market for three years now, but due to challenges in securing American manufacturing for their products, the brand has been unable to grow beyond a niche market. Alas, Wallace James, a women-owned garment factory set up shop in Portland, ME in early 2017 to service clients exactly like Handyma’am.

“We’re committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients, and growing with them. Meeting their demands as they arise is an investment we’re willing to make to ensure the success of both parties,” says Wallace James founder, Kim Ortengren. It’s this kind of commitment that brands like Handyma’am Goods need to not only thrive but survive in a competitive market. Maintaining positive and productive relationships with manufacturers is essential for small brands like this. Employee management and safety should also be taken into consideration for a smooth warehouse operation. Providing equipment such as pallet jacks, truck restraints, and Battery Powered Lift Tables can help maintain/improve productivity in warehouses.

Handyma’am Goods launched in 2014 with the release of their initial run of coveralls. Since then, the operation has released the uniquely functional “Drapron” and a Chore Coat with an overwhelmingly positive and appreciative response from the market. A workwear company’s attention to detail and eye for design on products such as steel blue steel cap boots, for example, can allow them to carve out a place in a niche yet burgeoning market. Now that the Handyma’am team is able to centralize their manufacturing with Wallace James, their production will be streamlined and expansion inevitable.

“Working with Wallace James has been such an experience,” says Shaeffer Haitsma, Handyma’am’s technical designer. “The team is open and positive; everyone pro-actively making the most of your time while still tossing around a few laughs. We’re excited to build a productive, lasting relationship with these forceful ladies.”

Handyma’am Goods has built a strong reputation amongst a vast community of tradeswomen and hobbyists looking for durable, fitted goods for women. With many companies and tradeswomen continuously looking for personalised workwear to wear alongside their coveralls, there will always be a certain amount of demand for these types of clothing. Beyond producing the highest quality soft-goods for hardworking women, Handyma’am is passionate about encouraging collaboration and support within the community that has welcomed the local business with enthusiasm. The team says that it looks forward to expanding on these efforts in the coming months and years to come.

“This is the time for Handyma’am to expand it’s operation. We have rock solid designs, and a manufacturing relationship we’re confident in,” says founder and managing partner, Bella Weinstein. “We’ve spent four years proving there is a market for our products. With solid manufacturing and the capital to produce, we’ll be in an ideal position to grow our company.”

To learn more, and support a growing Richmond business, visit the Kickstarter campaign here.

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James is a sustainable food advocate, a freelance writer, marketing consultant, and regular contributor to Richmond Grid magazine.