#HERStory: Tasha Dixon

For our next installment of the #HERStory series, Luke Witt sat down with Tasha Dixon, the Operations Manager at Triple Crossing Brewing Company, to talk craft brew, female leaders in the beer industry, and all things RVA. As most Richmonders know by now, Triple Crossing Brewing Company is cranking out some seriously tasty beverages that can be enjoyed in their downtown location or their new Fulton digs. At the heart of the brewery’s rapid expansion and quality product is a dedicated team that loves beer as much they love the River City. Sit back, crack open a brew, and enjoy Tasha’s story.

How did you get into the beer industry and get to know the owners of Triple Crossing?

Tasha: I got into the beer industry simply because I love beer. I have always appreciated the science and art of craft beer which got me into home brewing. We only had a handful of breweries here before Triple Crossing opened up and I frequented them often.

From there, I always wanted to work for a brewery but either no one was hiring or they were only accepting volunteers so I was unable to get into the industry because I had to pay for college. I got to know the owners by finally just putting out my resume. I had no service industry experience so I wasn’t expecting to hear back from anyone just yet. Two days later, Adam Worcester, co-owner, emailed me back and said, “Yes, we actually do need someone!” The next day I went to interview with Jeremy Wirtes, co-owner and head brewer and well, the rest is history.

It wasn’t until my first week of working there until I met our third owner, Scott Jones. I immediately noticed the passion and dedication all three owners had for this little dream turned into reality. At the time Adam and Scott were still working full time jobs yet always made time to come in to the Downtown location every day after they got off of work. I really admired them for this and it was at that moment I knew I would really enjoy working for Triple Crossing.

How do you and Triple Crossing contribute to the evolution of Richmond?

Tasha: Three years ago before we opened, Richmond had a lack of hoppy and hazy beers. Our focus was to bring that to Richmond. Since then, those are the beers that has taken over Richmond by storm. Everyone is in search for the hoppy, juicy, hazy IPA. Triple Crossing over the years has strived to contribute to the Richmond beer scene from collaborations with other local breweries to giving back to multiple charities. As for myself, I take pride in what I do. I always have. In this male dominated industry, I have worked hard to work my way up to Tasting Room Manager and now our Operation Manager which back then, I didn’t know of any females in my role. Fast forward to today, there are more and more females getting into the craft beer industry which is so great to see. I hope to help Richmond evolve by being a role model and showing all the other women out there that we can make a breakthrough in the industry. We can be brewers, managers, leaders, the list of opportunities are endless.

Are there any activities outside of Triple Crossing that you are passionate about?

Tasha: Outside of my love for Triple Crossing, I love cycling. I am trying to make our Fulton location extremely accommodating for cyclists. We are located so close to the Capital Trail; I want to attract as many cyclists as possible. I have partnered with REI to host monthly Bike Maintenance Clinics. My next step is getting a bike repair station installed at the Fulton location and my ultimate goal is to donate a bike repair station to be installed on the Capital Trail.

Two locations in three years is mighty impressive! What’s next? 

Tasha: Next up for Triple Crossing is more tanks! Our demand now for our beers is through the roof. We just can’t keep up. We will be getting a 60-barrel tank in soon along with some Foeders (wooden barrels used for long term fermentation or primary fermentation). We plan on ramping up our sour program. Right now, we have over 40 barrels filled with our golden sour with all different types of yeast strains.

Triple Crossing won the 2016 Elby for brewery of the year, where is the flask?

Tasha: The Elby flask is in our office space. It was such an honor to receive that award and we will be forever grateful. I pass it every day going into my office. It serves as a reminder to keep working hard and providing the best experience for our patrons.

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