Sharing the Space

Jacky Flav likes to use a straight razor. It’s meticulously precise. As a proprietor of High Point Barbershop and Shave Parlor, Jacky is a tonsorial artist and a purist.

That isn’t the only tool he has in his locker, though. You’ll be sure to find the best clipper for buzz cut, super sharp scissors and beard trimmers in there amongst his razors. While traditional hot towel shaves, cuts, and beard trims are his domain; the setting that he performs his craft can be surprising. Jacky Flav has set up shop inside Shockoe Denim, a premium denim manufacturer on South 15th Street with the artisanal spirit of a bygone era. From the showroom at Shockoe Denim, you cannot only watch the process of making jeans from start to finish-you can also get a tailored cut and shave.

“People always leave feeling better than when they came in,” says Jacky Flav. “What’s rad about Shockoe Denim is that they have a great product and when I see people try on their new jeans it just makes them feel better. That’s what I like most about barbering as well.”

This gentlemanly mash-up between two seemingly different crafts has resulted in a steady flow of customers looking for a chance to sit in the classic red barber chair nestled inside Shockoe Denim. “We both deal with style,” explains Jacky Flav. “Where I see the difference between style and fashion is that style deals with how you feel as a person, opposed to just how you look.”

Anthony Lupesco, owner of Shockoe Denim, feels the connection as well. His shop boasts a dozen sewing machines, a 750-pound cutting table, and a collection of handcrafted jeans displayed on racks made of reclaimed wood. Why not share his space with a popular barber known for attention to detail?

“We have a lot of crossover,” says Lupesco. “A lot of Jacky Flav’s clients become ours, and vice versa.” Plus, he says that adding the vintage barber chair has added warmth to the space.

“Every partnership we do we like it to be integrated,” says Lupesco, pointing out other collaborations, such as the collection of unique furniture and curiosities by the Odd Couple Shop that also occupy a space at Shockoe Denim.

Richmonders can visit Shockoe Denim at 13A South 15th Street. To get a crack at Jacky Flav, book ahead by visiting In addition to sharing space with Shockoe Denim, High Point is opening a location at 112 N. Meadow Street where co-owner Elliott Kinney says the goal is to, “reinstate the classic pastimes of traditional men’s grooming in Richmond.”




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