VOICES is a community essay project – created by The Cheats Movement.

The goal was simple: to highlight community voices that reflect the times we’re living in. 2020 presented challenges that we’d never seen before and our community needed safe places to express their feelings and process their emotions.

The Cheats Movement blog provided a place for reflection and critical thought. A digital community where there were no wrong answers: no wrong essays. The community submitted essays on race, protest, COVID-19, relationships, leadership, just about any thing you could imagine. The only guidance was that your essay had to reflect these unique times and come from your vantage point (first-person).

Over a six-month period, the Cheats Movement collected approximately 40 essays and published 26 in Series I. In addition, The Cheats Movement published over 40 amazing photography essays from 32 photographers who were capturing the energy of 2020 in real time. The street photography work presented by these brave individuals deserve your admiration and, frankly, they deserves journalistic and artistic awards.