A capABLE and Inclusive RVA

The Next Move Program, a Richmond based nonprofit offering job training and vocational education to young adults with developmental disabilities, is transforming the perception of disability into possibility. The organization, which was first developed in 2010, works to ensure people with disabilities are prepared for competitive employment. The organization fulfills this mission by providing work and educational experiences to talented individuals with disabilities as they transition out of high school into the world of work.

Along the way, beyond the individual success of each graduate, The Next Move Program is taking on a much more challenging task – the attitudes of those without disabilities. There’s a common misunderstanding about people with disabilities that is rooted in myth and misinformation about what it’s like to live with a disability. In reality, people with disabilities go to school, fall in love, have families, pay taxes, vote, volunteer, laugh, cry, dream, and enjoy a good beer just like everyone else. 

“I am capable, even though I have a disability, of doing many things. I like to teach people about Epilepsy, so they can help others in the world.”
— Rees Volante
Photo by Luke Witt

Enter the capABLE Campaign by The Next Move Program. This annual initiative is designed to show a wide range of perspectives on life in our community through a series of photographs and interviews featuring Richmond residents with diverse abilities and viewpoints thriving in our community. Each image and story celebrated in the capABLE campaign takes place in a favorite Richmond location that is important to the model’s personal story. Beyond the beautiful series of portraits, the campaign proves the power of inclusion, demonstrating that when we’re all allowed to participate the entire community benefits.  

On Wed, May 29, The Next Move Program will host the 2019 Capable Celebration, presented by Synergy Technical, at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture. The celebration and museum exhibit will offer an opportunity to meet each model and photographer featured in this year’s campaign. The event will be emceed by Reba Hollingsworth of CBS6 with a keynote address by Jess Johnson. All proceeds from the 2019 Capable Celebration will benefit Next Move Program’s Scholarship Fund. This popular event, which sells out fast every year, has a limited number of tickets remaining.

For tickets to the 2019 Capable Campaign and Museum Exhbit, click here. 

If you can’t make it to the exhibit opening, but would like to donate to The Next Move Program, click here.

The portraits will be exhibited throughout the summer at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture.

“I am very capable of many things! I am great at showing others how to power through challenges with a sense of humor. I find when typically developing people see that I can do things, it seems to help them realize that they can also. I am capable of helping myself and helping others. These are my greatest strengths.” — Tori Pace
Photo by George Baskerville
“I am always there to help other people.”
— Patrick Lanzi
Photo by Luke Witt
“I would say my disability makes me feel most capable. What I like about it is that it makes me smart and it makes me think differently than other people.”
— Amaris Stewart
Photo by James Loving
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