Businessweek Reporter Brings Radio Show to RVA

RVA has a new radio show thanks to Roben Farzad, previously a senior writer at Bloomberg Businessweek for nine years. Farzad moved from Manhattan to Richmond a few years ago and fell in love with the region. It didn’t take him long to begin making connections. From an active social media presence on Twitter to newly formed business relationships, Farzad is everywhere.

In recent months Farzad began laying the groundwork for Full Disclosure, a new, one-hour radio show that gives listeners a better understanding of business, economics, international affairs and investing through humor, personality, and candor. He quickly realized that his new hometown would be the perfect base for the nationally focused business/economics-oriented show. To make the show concept stick, Farzad has lined up major personalities and influencers—from Cabinet secretaries to hedge fund managers, Nobel-winning economists, Grammy-recognized rock acts, and elected officials.

“A one-hour show that gives listeners a better understanding of business, economics, international affairs, and investing through humor, personality, and candor.”

Full Disclosure is being recorded at The Martin Agency, where the first show featured Alfred Spellman and Billy Corben, filmmakers from Rakontur, as well as Robert “Bobby Black Tuna” Platshorn, America’s longest imprisoned nonviolent marijuana offender. VCU is co-sponsoring the program and providing broadcast interns.

Farzad points out that many of the guests on his newly launched show have never visited Richmond before, providing the perfect opportunity for him to show off his new town and to raise the profile of Richmond along the way.

Full Disclosure is available at and will soon be coming to public radio.

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