Double Image Studio Launches #HOPEHEROES

Nicholas Timmons and Susan Delgado, Double Image Studio

Double Image Studio has launched #HopeHeroes, a photography campaign by Susan Delgado and Nicholas Timmons, designed to showcase the passion, purpose, and determination of local healthcare workers in our most trying times. For two decades, photographers Delgado and Timmons have worked locally and nationally to offer an impressive portfolio of clients twice the creativity in a single source. When the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading through the United States, the duo realized they had their most important story yet to tell—the story of our frontline healthcare heroes and the hope they inspire.

The local photographers set out to show the dual roles of healthcare workers fighting a worldwide pandemic and as family members fighting to keep their loved ones safe. After weeks of photographing heroes in the Richmond area, Delgado and Timmons are releasing the first in a series of images that spotlight local healthcare workers in both places that they’re heroic – at work and at home. 

To honor the sacrifice of healthcare workers in their two most important roles, Richmond Grid is joining Delgado and Timmons in the #hopeheroes campaign as a media partner. In the coming weeks, we will share the work of Delgado and Timmons as they feature healthcare workers casually in their most intimate and real settings—at home with their families—and on their way to work dressed for the challenge ahead of them. 

Anna Cunningham, RN

The first in the series begins this week with Anna Cunningham, RN. “In my 30 years of being a nurse, I have witnessed a lot of different pain and suffering but nothing compares to this current virus,” explains Cunningham. “I am concerned for the safety of my daughter, my family, coworkers, and friends. However, we will get past this and be stronger, though this will change how we approach our future.”

Other upcoming heroes will include Catherine Frank, NP-C. “I’m one of the nurses who cross trained to the ICU/PCU to help out. Between wearing masks all day and the patients who are alone and scared, it has been challenging,” says Frank. “Our children are doing online learning but when we come home there is the fear of possible exposure for them. The ‘new normal’ is a lot to balance.” 

Beyond these portraits of real life heroes, the #hopeheroes campaign aims to encourage Richmonders to donate to the Central Virginia COVID-19 Relief Fund by the Community Foundation. Launched with contributions from 18 regional foundations and businesses, the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund is a coordinated campaign to provide rapid support for local organizations helping those most affected by the pandemic. For more information about the fund and to make a donation, visit

Double Image Studio will share featured heroes on its Facebook and Instagram page over the next two weeks. As a media partner, Richmond Grid will also feature #hopeheroes on its social channels as well as updates on our site. An additional website, dedicated to all of the local heroes photographered by Double Image, will also launch in early June.

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