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In honor of this month’s Mash-Up issue, Grid decided to co-create a few local products of our own. It didn’t take long for us to place tacos on the top of the list. John Haddad, Grid’s food writer, took up the challenge and quickly concocted a tasty mash-up while writing about Chupacabra and The Lair for this issue. Working with the owners of Chupacabra and The Lair, Haddad created a chorizo taco with slaw (celery, apple, and fennel). The grilled chorizo used for the recipe comes from Richmond’s very own Sausage Craft. Richmonders can sample Grid’s collaboration project at The Lair or Chupacabra. The recipe for the Grid Taco will be posted at


After Grid released its Beer Bike as part of the Makers Issue earlier this year, it didn’t take long for the concept to evolve. Initially rolled out as an example of what RVA can create when we work together, the bike (Made with recycled parts and and salvaged wood) has now appeared at fundraising events and anywhere that supports local makers.

Grid is now adding handmade, growler crates to the Beer Bike project as a way to further demonstrate what’s possible when we mash-up local talent. The crates, which are made of recycled oak pallets, are part of a collabora- tion with 510 Builders (a popular design/build studio in Scott’s Addition) and Big Secret (laser engraving in Jackson Ward). The Grid-510 Builders-Big Secret growler crates will be for sale at


As part of our belief that Richmond is best when we co-create, Grid has recently purchased a 3D printer for RVA to bring customized, locally produced goods to life. Larkin Garbee, of 804 RVA, quickly jumped on board and her shared working space will become the home for a new social experiment in Greater Richmond. The community 3D printer by Grid and 804 RVA is no other than the Replicator 2X, a new, updated version of the Replicator that is optimized for the renewable bioplastic PLA. Designed as the ultimate mash-up, the 3D printer can be used by anyone who uploads their 3D design files and swings by 804 RVA to pick up their creation. Grid and 804 RVA also plan to host classes on 3D printing and will feature some of the best designs in upcoming issues of the magazine.


Keeping with the mash-up theme, Grid also collaborated with Estes Bar.B.’Que and Blanchard’s Coffee Co. to learn what co-creating is all about. Bringing to- gether Joshua Estes, of Estes Bar.B.’Que fame, and Stephen Robertson, of Blanchard’s, resulted in a mash-up product that we can’t get enough of. To make the sauce, Estes opted for EagleWolf blend, a complexly layered roast of two of Blanchard’s most intensely flavorful coffees— Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Harrar (the Eagle and the Wolf). With Este’s magic touch, the BBQ sauce that resulted from the collaboration is tangy due to a touch of balsamic vinegar and citrus, but still has a strong tomato base with a spicy finish. Richmonders can sample the sauce at the Estes cart popping up around town every week.

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