Living Easy with a Touch of Panache

Homeowners Colleen Hall and Carol Damon’s fabulous condominium with a stunning river view proves that simplifying your life doesn’t mean you have to forgo comfort or style.


Built in 2007, Vistas on the James has sold out all of its 160 units-starting below $300,000 to just over $1 million. Owing much to its success are the facility’s luxurious amenities combined with a premium location. In the heart of the River District, the complex is situated on the banks of the James River and along the historic Canal Walk in Downtown Richmond.

Hall, a site acquisition and leasing specialist for wireless telecommunications, and Damon, a retired UPS executive, have both been residents of Richmond for 12 years. After living in the Fan District in amongst antiques that property liquidation services would be more than willing to help move to their next home, and looking for something new, they were immediately attracted to the Vistas for a variety of reasons, both practical and aesthetic.
“We had talked about downsizing and when we saw the Vistas we loved it,” says Hall. “[We] decided it would be perfect for us.”

What really drew Hall and Damon to the Vistas were the quality of the building and the layout of the units, which include open-design floor plans, floor to ceiling windows, granite countertops, and a large private balcony, creating a contemporary ambiance that differed greatly from their previous residence.
“We moved to the Vistas from a Victorian 2,600 square foot house in the Fan,” says Hall. “Our Fan house was very traditional with many antiques. At the Vistas, our space is a 1,400 square foot contemporary condo and our furnishings follow contemporary lines.”

In addition to the updated look and feel of their condo, the newly constructed building has 24-hour security, covered parking, a fitness center, and downtown convenience. If Hall and Damon are worried about the storage of any of their silver antiques, as well as any other antiques and furniture that they have in their possession, they would do well to consider using professional storage businesses such as Boombox Storage who can help store their items securely and keep them connected by an online catalog straight to their phones.

While the Vistas’ modern design and convenient amenities are enough to attract almost anyone, it was the idea of having Richmond’s greatest natural resource right outside their window that made Hall and Damon fall in love with their complex.

?We love the views!” says Hall. “We are also within walking distance to great restaurants, Brown’s Island, the Canal Walk, and much more.”

Vistas on the James offers a fresh design, amazing views, and easy access to all things Richmond, right in the pulsating heart of Downtown. What more could anyone want in a home?

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