Potluck for the Homeless

Every Saturday, Richmonders are asked to bring homemade fresh meals for 75 to 150 homeless individuals as part of the Potluck for the Homeless program. Organizers and volunteers meet at 12:30 pm at the Lowes Home Improvement Center, located at 1640 West Broad Street, where they meet by the Lower sign near W. Broad Street. After serving food in this location, volunteers move to Abner Clay Park to serve those in need there as well.

Any homemade dishes are appreciated. Some of the most popular food offerings are chili, mac-and-cheese, BBQ sandwiches, soups, and hotdogs. Fresh fruit and water are always appreciated. Make sure to bring all of the necessary serving items for your dish and a trash bag for cleanup. In addition, Potluck for the Homeless organizers regularly seek clothes, blankets, shoes, sleeping bags, pillows, large plastic bags, and personal hygiene items.

For more information, contact Sandra Witherspoon at 804-393-0178.

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