RVA Downtown: Sharing the Story

The RVA Downtown initiative is not a traditional branding campaign. The goal isn’t to coin a catchy phrase or to craft clever advertising. Instead, the focus of our efforts is to recognize the groundswell of creativity and innovation that originates here and to build on this momentum by encouraging creativity in all aspects of the community.

The City’s new Natural Gas powered Refuse Trucks are being transformed into mobile galleries with RVA graphics designed by J H I and funded by Venture Richmond.
The City’s new Natural Gas powered Refuse Trucks are being transformed into mobile galleries with RVA graphics designed by J H I and funded by Venture Richmond.

From Venture Richmond:

“This initiative does more than tell the stories of Richmond’s creativity, past, present and future.

We have created a new, open source approach that invites the entire community to participate and share. This initiative is living proof of the creativity it celebrates.

To do this effectively, we developed tools to invite the community to participate in the initiative. These tools include online and offline resources to allow individuals and groups to help tell the story.

The website was developed by West Cary Group.
The website was developed by West Cary Group.

We are cultivating partnerships with leaders in the community, business, research, government, education and the arts. These partners are committed to using their resources in ways that add to the creativity and innovation that fuels our city.

Over time, we hope to inspire more creativity in every walk of life and to build recognition for Richmond as a nucleus of creative vitality that spreads well beyond the city’s borders.

We are giving you, the creative leaders of Richmond, the resources and background you need to participate in the initiative. It’s your opportunity to contribute to the campaign and to prove Richmond’s creativity by showcasing your own.

Together we can help individuals and companies alike, from Richmond and all around the region and the country, discover the creativity and vibrancy of downtown Richmond.”

Embrace and adapt the identity that was created organically by so many different people and use RVA as the official symbol of who we are. Use the RVA as the visual identity that connects us and our communications.

Here are some tools to participate:

Read the Book
on the RVA initiative. Available online and in print. Designed by J H I.

A collaborative effort between Venture Richmond, the City, universities, businesses and over 100 other stakeholders to create a stronger identity for Richmond. The website is a nexus for the initiative and provides opportunities for your participation. The website was developed by West Cary Group.

Watch the Video Get Inspired
Creativity is ours for the taking, ours for the making. Let’s make it happen. It’s what RVA does best. “RVA Creates” The video was produced by Elevation and Running with Scissors.

View the Blog
A blog about the creative things you do in RVA, blog.rvacreates.com features guest posts-the first from Mayor Dwight C. Jones. RVA Creates’ social media is being managed by The Hodges Partnership.

Like & Follow
Keep tabs on RVA Creates via @RVACREATES on Twitter and “Like” RVA Creates on Facebook.

Think Innovation
Richmond’s past, present and future is the story of creativity in action. Today, the region is home to some of the nation’s most innovative individuals, businesses, organizations and neighborhoods. Use the RVA as a window into local ingenuity.

Send your stories of creativity!


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