SEElogix Launches Environmentally Conscious Service in RVA

When most homeowners hear the phrase “home security” they think of alarm systems and keypads. SEElogix, based out of Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom, is redefining home security by providing a logical solution for managing all the important information about your home—from maintenance records to closing documents. A cloud-based service, SEElogix manages everything about a user’s home in one simple place.

Helen Reed and Mike Wade of SEElogix have teamed up to create the environmentally conscious service that’s changing the way homeowners manage their homes. Since that time, SEElogix has become a popular choice among realtors, builders, and contractors. “Instead of a three-ring binder, SEElogix provides an organized solution for keeping home documents in one place,” says Mike Wade.

While SEElogix is an important resource to improve the ownership experience for consumers, it also reinforces the brand of builders, real estate agents, and contractors, showing an investment in the consumer experience and value of a new home. SEElogix brings together appliance manuals, closing documents, service contracts—even paint colors—all in one application. Reminders can also be set up for consumers, nudging them about safety inspections, seasonal appliance service, energy tips, and more. This brings an opportunity for service providers to keep their brand relevant and convenient for homeowners, rather than relying on them to set follow-up appointments.

“One client started using SEElogix after they tragically lost all important documents in a home fire,” says Wade. “SEElogix provides a true backup plan for life’s horrible moments—fires, natural disasters. If it’s introduced early enough, it can provide true peace of mind to homeowners.”

SEElogix starts with a simple, customizable platform home profile. Dropboxes and conversational questions walk the user through setting up reminders and custom document storage, generating to-do lists, centralizing contact numbers, and more. If a user has technical support questions or needs assistance with any features, the SEElogix team is available 24/7. “We’re confident that the product is simple and easy to use, but we also back it up by answering email or the phone anytime to lend assistance.”

Richmond has been the jumping-off point for SEElogix, with a growing number of demonstrations to builders and agents currently underway. “Everyone is using it in a different way,” says Wade. “Some are giving their clients iPads with content and phone numbers pre-loaded, some are facilitating it and assisting with setup. It’s been remarkable to see the different uses across the industry.”

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