Steam Bell and Ellwood Thompson’s Create Collaboration Beer

Ellwood Thompson’s, a local and organic foods market in Richmond, has partnered with Steam Bell Beer Works, a craft brewery in Chesterfield, to create a collaboration beer. Called the Ellie Bell, the light-bodied saison was made using local beets and white turmeric to give the beer a balanced earthy sweetness and bite.

Colin Beirne, marketing director at Ellwood’s, says that there was an immediate connection when the team from the local grocery store visited the family operated brewery at 1717 Oak Lake Boulevard, Midlothian. “There was a spark between us and both parties felt it,” says Beirne. “We started talking about what an Ellwood’s beer would look and taste like. We threw out a couple ideas but kept coming back to a Saison with hints of local red beet and white turmeric.”

Beirne says the end result is an easy-drinking, subtle yet complex saison. “The beer is light and refreshing. You wouldn’t know it contained root vegetables, if tasted blindly,” says Beirne. “We truly value this partnership and the community can expect more brews from Steam Bell and Ellwood’s in the future.”

Ellwood’s is known for its support of local farmers with a focus on natural means of growing and producing. And this isn’t the first time Ellwood’s has teamed with a local brewery to create a special beer. In 2016, Ellwood’s and RVA Magazine worked with Legend Brewing to create Hoppy Buddha, a limited edition series infused with local beets, Buddha hand zest, ginger, and experimental hops.

Richmonders can purchase the Steam Bell collaboration at Ellwood Thompson’s located 4 N. Thompson St.

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