The DRIPBaR Is Ready to Feed Cells and Fuel Richmonders

Anthony Quintana has a long history of pushing himself to max potential. He’s been a competitive wrestler, kickboxer, and martial arts athlete. And he’s currently performing on a local dance team Fuego Frio. Quintana can now add health and wellness entrepreneur to the impressive list.

This week, Quintana will celebrate the opening of The DRIPBaR, a new business focused on supporting cellular health and helping Richmonders live more vital and energized lives, by hosting an entire week of celebration and discounts.

“I understand the importance of hydrating and staying on top of our electrolytes and vitamins,” explains Quintana who is opening The DRIPBaR with his wife and business partner, Sophia Quintana. “Together, we hope to connect and improve the health and wellness spaces in our city and promote healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.”

Located at 6988 Forest Avenue, The DRIPBaR offers IV infusions in a relaxing and spa-like setting with the goal of boosting immune systems, providing headache relief, weight loss, and improving energy. The DRIPBaR is open seven days a week and is currently offering 25 percent off on first-time appointments to introduce IV therapy to the Richmond area.

“Hydration and vitamins are foundational to our health. This was the main driver in our decision to bring The DRIPBaR to Richmond,” says Quintana. “IV therapy is a safe and effective way to tackle both of those necessities while serving a large variety of communities. From athletes to cancer patients to moms-to-be, The DRIPBaR has a service that can positively impact people from all corners of our city.”

Quintana points out that healthy cells require a critical balance of necessary macro and micronutrients. While maintaining a healthy diet is the primary way of acquiring these nutrients, Quintana says that it can still be difficult to get everything the body may need and that IV infusion can help. He says that IV lifestyle drips provide vitamins and nutrients that are absorbed at a much higher percentage than when they are taken orally. By providing cells with the nutritional “fuel” through IV therapy, The DRIPBaR aims to offer a much faster boost of energy, a more robust immune response, easier recovery from stresses on the body, and a slowing down of the aging process.

Offered in a bright and inspiring atmosphere, The DRIPBaR provides local residents a chance to get micronutrients for healthy cells through vitamin therapy or to repair unhealthy cells. One of the IV therapy options that is most popular for newcomers is the Restoration Drip, designed to help customers rehydrate and recover after a late night out, travel, or poor sleep. The IV drip for rehydration is intended to flush toxins from the body and includes vitamin C, magnesium, B12, B complex, and glutathione to help accelerate the potential for rehydration and recovery.

Other examples include the Shield Drip designed to help keep the immune system working properly. The drip is intended to assist in both fighting off existing illness and protecting customers who have recently been exposed to illness .The drip includes micronutrients, such as vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, B12, and B complex. Among other drips offered by The DRIPBaR is the Powerpack Drip for energy-boosting health support. Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, this drip is intended to help customers acquire a source of energy-boosting brain and cellular support while neutralizing free radicals in the body that are caused by stress and the general wear and tear of everyday life. This drip includes vitamin C, triamino, biotin, dexpanthenol, folic acid, B12 and B complex. Other drips include the Allstar Drip to support the muscles and relieve muscle cramping of athletes, the Soother Drip to help relax your muscles and your mind, the Time Machine Drip for the potential of anti-aging support, the Jetsetter Drip for pre-flight support, and the Firm Drip for skin beautification and maintenance.

“We were inspired by The DRIPBaR brand and the mission in providing alternative healthcare through IV vitamin therapy, and after looking at the research, hearing many testimonies, and trying the therapies ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity to open a DRIPBaR to help elevate the health and wellness in our own community,” says Sophia Quintana, who is an avid dancer, weight trainer, and certified yoga teacher.

Together, Anthony and Sophia Quintana say they want to help Richmonders discover a new approach to personal wellness by not only feeding their cells but also fueling their lives. The duo is hosting their grand opening week events until January 28 and will offer discounts on IVs and shots, packages, Hydrafacials, and HaloIR. And on Thursday, January 26, The DRIPBaR will host a grand opening party from 4 pm to 7 pm with free raffle tickets, free B12 shots for the first 25 people to arrive, and more. A portion of the proceeds from the grand opening will support Feed More’s efforts to help bring nutritious meals to people who need it most in the community.

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