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With possibly more cell phones than toothbrushes on the planet, Grid felt that it was time we took to the streets to find out what’s in the pocket of the average RVA resident. What interested us most was not the actual handy dandy device, however, but the mobile apps (other than Twitter, Facebook, and the like) that occupy the time of our fine citizens in the region.

What mobile app tickles your fancy these days and why?

Travis Oliver–freelance ad guy/film extra/Internet sensation/beard guy (this week):
I was just introduced to Beluga by some friends from Austin and it has quickly become one of my most used apps. It’s a group chat/text app that makes coordinating with multiple people ridiculously easy.

Ashley Taylor Brown–merchandiser for Poshtots: GetGlue, just to keep up with the many sources of free-time fillers-TV, movies, music, video games and books.

Sterling Stokes, Jr.–chemist by day, craft beer lover & foodie: Right now, the app I enjoy using the most is Untappd. Think of it as Foursquare for beer complete with badges. Before I used Untappd, I really had no idea how many different styles of beer I had tried.

How often do you find yourself tinkering with it?
Multiple times throughout the day.

Taylor Brown: Every time I sit down to catch up on the DVR or grab a new music album.

Stokes: I use it just about any time I’m out having a beer. Even more so now that Untappd has a native app versus the mobile web application. I love the new ability to take pictures of your beer; I wish I could go back and take pictures of past check-ins because some beers were absolutely beautiful. I guess I’ll just have to go drink them again.

What keeps you coming back for more?
Oliver: It makes group texting easy and finding friends even easier with its built-in map function. Instead of having to talk to 5 people to coordinate one thing, I can set up a group and just let it roll.

Taylor Brown: The stickers; similar to Foursquare, GetGlue rewards you for certain achievements, watching a show on the premiere night or regularly watching Glee, except GetGlue actually snail mails you sticker versions of your merit badges.

Stokes: Uh, the beer! Seriously, though there’s so much more to Untappd that I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’ve yet to use the recommendations feature but can’t wait until I get the chance.

What would you tell Grid readers about this app to convince them to give it a test drive?

Oliver: Free texting, works across platforms including non-smart phones, free texting, free texting, free texting!

Taylor Brown: It keeps you in touch with the latest trends in any category, television shows, books, music, sports and hobbies, while having a way to manage the ever- growing list of things to keep you busy.

Stokes: Really, if you’re a craft beer lover then this is the app for you.

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