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Stand back, a rocket is on the loose in Richmond. Navigated by Scott Dickens, Rocket Pop Media is focused, potent and on a mission.

“Many of our clients see social media as a target, but a moving one. . .they want to hit the target, but they see it as being made of quicksand and on a floating ocean with twenty-foot waves,” says Dickens.

As one of the area’s top creative agencies, Rocket Pop has stealthy served as the digital force behind Richmond’s most established brands, entertainment venues, non-profits, and eateries. Dickens, the former owner of Glass and Powder Boardshop in Carytown, understands the challenges of running a small business in River City. As a result, he’s created SNAP-Social Network Acclamation Package-as Rocket Pop’s solution for small business owners and other organizations entering the interactive media space. It is important that small businesses utilize online assistance and are able to build on their business to achieve their planned growth, that is why website design bristol companies, web development services, social media resources, etc. are an intrinsic part of achieving that.

“We understand the Richmond market,” explains Dickens. “Many small business owners know they should be using social media, but they are far too busy running their business. They know they need to be there-but aren’t so sure about frequency, reach, engagement, what mixture and types of content to post, and what their readership will be interested in.”

SNAP answers these questions, says Dickens, by offering small business owners a unique social media package designed to create meaningful interaction and community on a variety of social platforms. To better understand what social media is and how it is important for companies who use it, these small businesses may want to click here and read up on some statistics to build on their knowledge and add to what they will be taught.

By creating branded profiles and populating content on custom pages on targeted social networks, Rocket Pop hands over a turnkey solution to busy local business owners. Rocket Pop also plays heavily on its rich background in music, video production, motion graphics, and animation.

“Many of our clients see social media as a target, but a moving one. . .they want to hit the target, but they see it as being made of quicksand and on a floating ocean with twenty-foot waves,” says Dickens. Having served in their position as a retail merchant, Dickens can relate to the hectic nature of daily operations for small business owners and has created a number of time saving tools. Having worked in large advertising agencies in a previous career outside of Richmond, he applies an insider’s perspective on both ends of the counter.

In recent years Richmonders have seen the work of Rocket Pop Media associated with Bandito’s, Carytown Merchants Association, Capital Coffee & Desserts, CapitalMac, Keep Virginia Beautiful, Metro Grill, Pink, Plan 9 Music, Secco Wine Bar, To the Bottom and Back, and Urban Farmhouse Market & Cafe, just to name a few. Rocket Pop also added its digital prowess to the Don’t Big Box Carytown movement, with geotagging components in conjunction with Carytown Cupcakes.

With a ten-person, interdisciplinary team firmly in place, Rocket Pop has recently acquired new digs on W. Main St., in the heart of the Fan District and its many nearby small business owners. By offering SNAP-along with video and digital content-Rocket Pop hopes others will soon take a ride on the rocket.

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